The AtoZ


The culmination of the AtoZ project was an exhibition held at The Collection in Lincoln in December 2014 to January 2015.

It featured the work of local artists inspired by the AtoZ project, alongside multimedia exhibits, an Audio Wall and an installation showcasing the objects collected from each grid square on our journey.

Below are some of the highlights of the exhibition...





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The Audio Wall

A multi-channel aural exhibit featuring audio recorded during the production of our 24 hour grid, this exhibit depicted a day in the life of a city street using snatches of audio, overheard conversations and atmospheric sound...

Title: Colin McFarlane

Artist: Rosie Ablewhite

With 'Lincoln A-Z' as a subject in mind, I wanted to find a lively Lincoln persona to capture. None better than Lincoln/London based actor and voice artist, Colin McFarlane (best known as Comm Loeb in Batman Begins, Dark Knight and as the voice of the Cube on ITV). After meeting the man himself, fresh from the gym and very eager to see my studies, I was enchanted by his charm straight away. Warmed and welcomed by the informality of the meeting, I wanted to paint him just how he was and unseen to the media.

About the artist:  Rosie is a Lincolnshire based artist working mostly in acrylic and mixed media. She lives and works in Lincoln after graduating here with a BA Hons in Fine Art, 2010. Her fascinations include portraiture and mark making, combining both in her work for dynamic results.

Alternative works, musings and media links can all be found on her blog:

The Exhibits...

Title: Untitled

Artist: James Relf

When invited to take part in the Lincoln A to Z exhibition, James decided to choose his home of Bracebridge Heath as his subject. The Heath is a beautiful area that changes with the seasons and is used regularly by people in the area.   James wanted to produce an impressionistic view of the Heath; capturing how at dusk the sky and land merge, producing a glorious array of colours and subtle tones in the fading light.

About the artist:  James Relf is noted for his paintings of still life, landscapes and seascapes. Alongside these works there is a strong interest in abstract painting that has led to various works being produced both on a small and larger scale. Travelling has played a huge part in James' work over the last decade, allowing him to appreciate simple everyday scenes such as an uncleared coffee table in a Parisian café or the view of a wine bottle set against a backdrop of Hong Kong Island illuminated at night. With his individual style of painting, James Relf's work is now in private and corporate collections. James' work is also in the private collection of TV presenter Gok Wan.

Title: Neighbours

Artist: Philip Clarke

'Neighbours' signifies the coming together of people within the boundary of the Lincoln AtoZ.  The artist has taken the 52 grid sections as shown on the map as the numerical base upon which the image is constructed. The sub-sections within are shown as diamond shapes representing the 4 points of a compass and the colour division represents the 4 seasons of the year.  Time has also been incorporated with the rotation of colour in a clockwise direction to denote past, present and future.

About the artist: Philip has long been fascinated with the pioneers of graphic design combined with the influences of Modern Art. As a result he has developed his work using factors from both areas. Philip uses traditional draughtsmen's alphabetic and architectural drawing equipment, along with a variety of pens and inks, to generate geometric patterns and shapes.

Title: Untitled

Artist: Kate Tyler

Inspired by the Lincoln A to Z project, these pieces have been specifically created for this show and aim to share a love of Lincoln, the alphabet and the A-Z map in all its glory! 96 photobooth images, 52 grid references, 26 letters, 4 finished artworks. Each piece has been constructed out of original photobooth strips, with nothing amended or edited afterwards, in the UK's only remaining colour analogue photobooth.

About the artist: Now based in Nottingham, I grew up in Lincolnshire with its wide open landscapes and small enclosed photobooths. Some of you may remember the photobooth built in to the wall outside Lincoln train station. It was here that my love of photobooths was born. I have collected passport photos since 1991 and now have thousands of different images. I also create my own work using the photobooth medium. My art work celebrates the limited space of the booth and I especially enjoy utilising the restrictions that a strip of four standard-format images poses. I have created a range of A to Zs over the years, along with other styles of work, and regularly exhibit my photobooth work, most recently in Manchester with a solo show.  I am also one of the featured artists, along with Andy Warhol and Francis Bacon, in Raynal Pellicer's book: Photobooth - The Art of the Automatic Portrait. The number of analogue booths left in Britain today is in the single digits, and there are none in the East Midlands, but I'm hopeful this will one day change. In the meantime, I invite you to reminisce about adjusting the height of the stool, closing the curtain and posing four times, for four flashes, and then waiting outside for the strip to emerge. Good times!

Title: A Slice of Time Lincoln

Artist: Julian Clune

A Slice of Time Lincoln is based on the concept of photographing one of Lincoln's most iconic features, The Empowerment Statue, during a wintery sunset. Julian has taken a photograph every two minutes and by using a time-slicing technique, has enabled him to capture a one hour sunset scene in a single image.

About the artist: Photography has always been a strong element in Julian's life. He received his first camera when he was 15 years old, his father's old Pentax MX SLR. Julian used this to study photography at college in Nottingham, after which he went on to graduate from The University of Lincoln in 2011, studying Contemporary Lens Media. Julian is now a full time visual artist and his work has since won awards from around the world, including being shortlisted for Professional Photographer in 2011 and 2014.

Title: 'Above' & 'Below'

Artist: Phil Martin

`Above` (right): Lincoln at night, the glow of Broadway leading to the Cathedral, a way home perhaps, warmth, security and safety.

`Below`(above!):  The dark side of society, the media ignored foundation of corporacratic modernism in politics, hidden from view, hidden for a reason and hidden from you. Watch your television and get involved in the brainwashing program.

About the artist:  Lincoln based artist Phil Martin has exhibited both here and in Spain where he was resident artist at a gallery in the Murcia region.  He has appeared on Spanish TV and radio and been featured in magazines and newspapers.  Now back in the UK, his work has progressed to `protest art` and has been sold in 14 countries, with Iran and The Lebanon being the most recent.  You won't find Phil on the internet but can be found on Facebook, if you know where to look.

Title: Water Tower

Artist: Rob Rickels

Four photographs of the now-demolished water tower at the former St John's Asylum, taken from the North, East, South and West, suspended over a small part of the rubble which was left behind when it fell.

About the artist: Rob Rickels has spent many years photographing the beautiful decay of the Grade 2 listed former St Johns Asylum in Bracebridge Heath.  As a result of his appearance on Lincoln AtoZ, Rob was appointed as site photographer, documenting the redevelopment of the site through a series of before/after shots.

Rob says: "One key defining moment for me during my time photographing St John's has been the demolition of the old laundry Water Tower.

"This was been a source of contention by some Bracebridge Heath residents who valued and treasured it as a local landmark towering over the village.  It was, however, deteriorating and would have been a potential hindrance to any developer.

"As the only official photographer onsite, I was privileged to be given a tour by the demolition team, interviewed by a BBC film crew who were making a documentary about demolition, and then able to witness, photograph and record the tower as it fell."

The AtoZ Objects

As Paul and Jonny visited each grid square, they collected an object in each - either found objects, items given to them by people they met in the grid, or objects inspired by the content of the grid. These were hung above a giant AtoZ map, each object hanging directly above its grid square.